What is Arnie and what can it do for me ?

Arnie allows personal-trainers to very easily log workouts, be efficient and boost client satisfaction

We provide you with a wrist wear (79$) which you can give to your clients. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms allow you to automatically track reps, sets, break times. We also have a shoe clip to track lower body workouts - providing a complete tracking solution

We also provide in-context information e.g. workouts are colored based on when they were done last, exercises show the previous weight used and full client workout history.

Plus, client gets summary email after every workout and a link to track their data. *no login required*

How much does it cost?

The tracker is a one-time 79$ and service is 7.99 $/mo. per client.

But there are other trackers too..

Yes, there are but none of them is custom made for personal trainers. Plus, we have the best in class algorithms which automatically stop tracking when workout is done and start again. AND we track full body workouts and give you contextual information too.

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