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Request an invite to our challenge. Confirm via email, we have limited invites.

Build your streak

Commit to our 8 week fitness challenge and workout 3x a week. We give you all the tools to stay on track

Win Apple Watch 4

Be consistent, stick to the plan and win an Apple Watch 4 while building great habits

Why do this ?

Fitness is a long road where results take time to show. Lots of people lose motivation and we have been there too. Our years of experience has taught us several invaluable lessons in helping build habits through consistency and knowledge.

We are hoping to share those lessons by leveraging technology and making fitness fun and rewarding. So, jump onboard and enjoy the ride! ;)

How much does it cost ?

Entry to the contest is Free. We also automatically track your workouts and provide personalized fitness plans for 4.99$/mo. You may choose to use that or use another fitness app of your choice.

Would I really win an Apple Watch 4 ?

Yes, the most consistent team within 8 week span wins an Apple Watch 4. In case of a tie, winners will be decided via an online quiz. The questions will be timed and based on the tips we share with you each week. You can google the answers or ask your friends. US only participants.

How do you track workouts ?

We use state-of-the-art machine learning models to understand your workouts. Using the data, we track your exercises and also personalize the plans so they are designed for you and not anyone else.


More Questions?

Got questions, we’ve got answers. Feel free to send us an email at: