Very easily log client workouts

The best workout tracker. Period.

  • Automatic rep/set count
  • Exercise plans
  • Summary email to clients
  • Multiple clients

Best trainers take notes and log workouts and we make that very easy. Plus, clients get summary emails and dashboard to measure progress which boosts satisfaction and retention.
*Be a super-trainer*
"Arnie makes my life so much easier!"
- Ron Johnson, Personal Trainer
Automated Rep and Set Count

Plus, exact rep times and consistency give you information about exact exercise times, break times and insights into the qualitative nature of the workout

Workout History In Context

Arnie keeps a detailed log of the workouts and provides you with data in context. e.g. Workouts are colored based on when they were done last

Detailed Dashboard

Detailed logs and clear charts help keep the client motivated and allows them to easily track their progress

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